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Do you have a question about food and can't find the answer?  Let the Rapid Response Center (RRC) help!  The goal of the RRC is to help Extension Agents and consumers with many aspects of food science and nutrition. 

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Foods of the Season
Pumpkins and winter squash galore! There are so many varieties to choose from and they are used in many different foods

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This leafy vegetable is a member of the cabbage family.  It is used in salads, to soups, to smoothies!

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Food safety is important every day, and especially important during the holidays to prevent giving the "gift" of foodborne illness.


Preserving Food Safely

It's time to harvest garden produce!  What will you do with them?  Look for ways to safely preserve many foods by canning, freezing, and drying.

Food Preservation

Food Preservation>Tomatoes and canner - UGA


 Food Safety During Disasters


Severe weather or other events can cause power outages.  Learn how to keep your foods safe.

Power Outage Food Safety