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Human Nutrition

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans advises consumers to eat right and be physically active to live a healthy lifestyle.  Make healthy food choices by selecting foods from every food group to help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.  The combination of a exercise and sensible food choices equals a recipe for a longer life.

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Nutrition Facts labels are required on many foods.  The information on the panel helps consumers make informed food choices to create a healthy diet.  Just knowing how much is a serving size can help control calorie intake. 

Nutrition Facts Label


Nutrient Analysis

USDALooking for the nutrient composition of a food?  The USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory has an online searchable database with this data at your fingertips.

USDA Nutrient Database

Looking for information on the Dietary Reference Intakes?  The USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center can help with their Dietary Guidance web site.

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